Meet Our Trainers!

Head Trainer Wendy

Hi! I'm the Head Trainer and Co-Owner of Namaste Dog Training. I found a passion for training when I began learning to train horses as a 7-year-old child. Since those days, I have trained dogs, cats, pigs, and foxes all with Positive Reinforcement. I will be honest. When I was young, I didn't realize I was using positive reinforcement. I just wanted to find ways to teach animals without the use of pain or fear. In 2014, I was hired as a Pet Training Instructor for Petsmart in Lawton, Oklahoma. Until this point, I didn't know I could have a career in training. I thought it was just something fun to do with my pets and those of my family & friends. Petsmart helped open my eyes to the possibility while teaching me how to build a training business. They sparked a passion to grow my knowledge to learn beyond their curriculum. I chose to volunteer with the Lawton Animal Shelter for over 100 hours as a photographer & trainer to learn more about body language and help get their faces out there to help get them adopted. In 2018, I chose to leave Petsmart for personal reasons. I decided to try starting my own training business. I never thought it would grow to the level it has in such a short time. I am so proud of the team I have built because our passion and goals match. We have a passion to help dogs and humans learn how to communicate with each other. This helps build a bond while teaching a dog how to coexist in their family's world to help them earn a forever home. This helps us achieve our ultimate goal of saving lives by keeping more dogs off the streets and out of shelters.

Co-Trainer Will

Hi! My name is William. I'm the Co-Trainer & Co-owner of Namaste Dog Training. I grew up with a love for animals watching my father train dogs for the military. It was fascinating as a child watching and learning from him. I never really thought it would be something that I would end up teaching years later. When Wendy first met my Father, he loved the compassion that she had for animals. He encouraged her to start with PetSmart and always believed that one day she would have her own training company. Originally, I started off riding with Wendy as she did in-home training while I was still working full-time. As I watched her help family after family, my passion for training was relit. I began listening and learning from her while growing my training knowledge. After over 3 years of training beside her, I'm proud of the business we have built together. We have a great team that has helped so many families and dogs build a bond to last their lifetime. I look forward to seeing where the path takes us in the future.

Trainer Jessica-DPF Dog Training

Jessica has a background in working with horses but she didn't realize that one dog would open a new path in her life with animals. Last year, Jessica and her husband decided to take on a foster named Kira. Kira was on the kill list at a shelter when the Battle for the Bully rescue group stepped in to save her. When she came to live with Jessica, she had no intentions of adopting her at first. After getting to know her, she knew that she couldn't let her go to another family. Kira's unknown past was haunting her to the point it was affecting her behavior. Jessica knew she needed help so she reached out to us about a year ago. After hearing Kira's Story, I explained that training could only do so much and a behaviorist may need to be called in for assistance. Jessica began working on the training plans we put in place and reached out to a behavioral vet to cover all her bases. There are great dog owners and there are ones that go the extra mile then twenty more for good measure when it comes to the happiness and wellbeing of their dog. Jessica is the latter of the two. She researched, learned, and grew her knowledge of training, body language, and beyond. There were days she was in tears thinking she couldn't go on then there were days she was blown away from realizing the progress she and Kira have made together. Through it all, she found a passion and drive to want to help other dog owners who are struggling with dogs that need help beyond training and are at the end of their rope, like she was a little over a year ago. To fulfill this goal, she has joined us to earn the training hours needed to pursue the goal of becoming an animal behaviorist. Her goal is to use her knowledge and experience to help others that are in the same shoes as a way to help save the lives of dogs like Kira.


Jessica has completed her apprenticeship with us and started offering her own services. We are so proud of the path she has chosen and looking forward to hearing about all those she helps in her journey. If you are looking for help with your reactive dog, she is who we highly recommend contacting her for guidance.