Group Classes

Group classes are social events for your dog where they get to learn how to focus around distractions. You learn how to resolve various issues that you may already be struggling with at home or may struggle with in the future. Since you will have control of your dog during class, your dog learns to work for you. Plus, if your dog is a young puppy, you may still have a window of time to socialize your puppy in class while they are little learning sponges. The younger the dog, the more impressionable they are. When dogs are puppies, one good interaction can add that object, person, or dog, to the puppy’s “I like this!” list for life. This is a powerful piece of information, but the door swings both ways. This is why you will want a good trainer by your side to help you make smart choices on what to expose your puppy to and how you should do it.

DOG I Obedience

w/AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy

This 6-week course will touch on behavioral issues you may come across with your dog like nipping, biting, chewing, jumping, digging, barking, and potty training. You will also learn how to train basic commands like Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, Leave it, and Recall. We aren’t stopping there! We know Leash Manners and Polite Greetings are important so these skills will be covered in the class. Dogs will also get to socialize with other dogs and people! As a bonus, your puppy could earn the AKC STAR Puppy Certificate and ribbon at the end of this course!

DOG 2 Obedience 


Now that those basic cues are a breeze for your dog, time for some fine-tuning! In this 6-week course, you will learn how to get your dog to focus in social settings. We will be adding distractions and distance to help strengthen those cues. We haven’t forgotten leash manners. In this course, your dog will learn to HEEL right beside you, match pace, and keep it close on those turns. Want a bit more? Good because you and your dog will also learn the cue, Go to Bed, which is wonderful when you need to keep them out from under you. This is just a summary of all you will learn during this course!

DOG 3 Obedience 


This is the Advance level of the DOG course! In this 6-week course, we will cover the 10 points of the AKC Canine Good Citizens test. By the end of this course, your dog should be able to Accept a Friendly Stranger, Sit politely for petting, walk on a loose leash and Heel, Walk Calmly through a crowd, Stay while you walk away, and more. (For more information on the AKC CGC test, check out the website) As a bonus, your dog could earn their AKC CGC and ribbon at the end of this course! 

DOG 4 Obedience Public Access w/AKC CGCA & CGCU!


This new level of obedience helps you prep for our Public Access Testing. Included in this curriculum are the key points of the AKC Community Canine & the AKC Urban CGC Public Access testing. Each week, we will meet at different locations to build your public training skills. (For more information on these AKC titles, please visit their website,

Trick Classes!


This 7-week course will cover different concepts of training, such as Luring, Shaping Modeling, and more. We will help you learn how to train more than enough tricks to earn both the AKC Novice Trick Dog and Do More with Your Dog Novice Trick Dog titles! Yes, you can double title in this class! Unlike our obedience classes, you will begin earning your titles on the first day of class. As we witness your success when a trick during class or through video, we will begin checking them off on your title application.  All graduates will receive a Hula Hoop, Certificate of Achievement, Video of Graduation Test, Digital Graduation Photo, and medal.

This is a fun, fast-paced class that will grow that bond between you and your dog. Are you ready for the challenge?